v14.2.14 Nautilus released


This is the 14th backport release in the Nautilus series. This releases fixes a security flaw affecting Messenger V2 for Octopus & Nautilus, among other fixes across components. We recommend users to update to this release.

Notable Changes

  • CVE 2020-25660: Fix a regression in Messenger V2 replay attacks


  • mgr/dashboard: Strange iSCSI discovery auth behavior (pr#37333, Volker Theile)

  • mgr/dashboard: redirect to original URL after successful login (pr#36834, Avan Thakkar)

  • mgr/prometheus: add pool compression stats (pr#37563, Paul Cuzner)

  • bluestore: test/objectstore/store_test: kill ExcessiveFragmentation test case (pr#37824, Igor Fedotov)

  • bluestore: BlockDevice.cc: use pending_aios instead of iovec size as ios num (pr#37823, weixinwei)

  • bluestore: Support flock retry (pr#37842, Kefu Chai, wanghongxu)

  • bluestore: attach csum for compressed blobs (pr#37843, Igor Fedotov)

  • osdc/ObjectCacher: overwrite might cause stray read request callbacks (pr#37813, Jason Dillaman)

  • mgr: avoid false alarm of MGR_MODULE_ERROR (pr#38069, Kefu Chai, Sage Weil)

  • mgr: fix race between module load and notify (pr#37844, Mykola Golub, Patrick Donnelly)

  • mon: set session_timeout when adding to session_map (pr#37554, Ilya Dryomov)

  • osd/osd-rep-recov-eio.sh: TEST_rados_repair_warning: return 1 (pr#37815, David Zafman)

  • rbd: librbd: ignore -ENOENT error when disabling object-map (pr#37814, Jason Dillaman)

  • rbd: rbd-nbd: don’t ignore namespace when unmapping by image spec (pr#37811, Mykola Golub)

  • rgw/rgw_file: Fix the incorrect lru object eviction (pr#37804, luo rixin)

  • rgw: fix expiration header returned even if there is only one tag in the object the same as the rule (pr#37806, Or Friedmann)

  • rgw: fix: S3 API KeyCount incorrect return (pr#37810, 胡玮文)

  • rgw: radosgw-admin should paginate internally when listing bucket (pr#37802, J. Eric Ivancich)

  • rgw: rgw_file: avoid long-ish delay on shutdown (pr#37552, Matt Benjamin)

  • rgw: use yum rather than dnf for teuthology testing of rgw-orphan-list (pr#37805, J. Eric Ivancich)