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The future of storage

Ceph is an industry leader for effortless data storage and management at any scale, independent of hardware reliance

  • Ceph enables organisations to work with data at any scale, and any budget
  • Ceph offers unified block, file and object storage, allowing for more efficient data backup and interopability
  • Ceph prioritises data durability and availability through 'self-healing' monitoring and data placement algorithms

Open source innovation

As an open source platform with a community spanning the globe, Ceph always stays one step ahead.

The worldwide network behind Ceph ensures continual development, growth and improvement. Without the confines of a proprietary business model, Ceph’s community is free to create and explore, innovating outside of traditional development structures. With Ceph, you can take your imagined solutions, and construct tangible technology. Want to be at the forefront of innovation? Join the community Stay up-to-date with Ceph’s news and community to find out how we will evolve… News

Ceph Is Democratising Storage

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