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April 16, 2020

v13.2.9 Mimic released

This is the ninth and very likely the last stable release in the Ceph Mimic
stable release series. This release fixes bugs across all components and also
contains a RGW security fix. We recommend all mimic users to upgrade to this version.

Notable Changes

  • CVE-2020-1760: Fixed XSS due to RGW GetObject header-splitting
  • The configuration value osd_calc_pg_upmaps_max_stddev used for upmap
    balancing has been removed. Instead use the mgr balancer config
    upmap_max_deviation which now is an integer number of PGs of deviation
    from the target PGs per OSD. This can be set with a command like
    ceph config set mgr mgr/balancer/upmap_max_deviation 2. The default
    upmap_max_deviation is 1. There are situations where crush rules
    would not allow a pool to ever have completely balanced PGs. For example, if
    crush requires 1 replica on each of 3 racks, but there are fewer OSDs in 1 of
    the racks. In those cases, the configuration value can be increased.
  • The cephfs-data-scan scan_links command now automatically repair inotables
    and snaptable.


  • bluestore: os/bluestore: fix improper setting of STATE_KV_SUBMITTED (pr#31673, Igor Fedotov)
  • ceph-volume/batch: check lvs list before access (pr#34479, Jan Fajerski)
  • ceph-volume/batch: fail on filtered devices when non-interactive (pr#33201, Jan Fajerski)
  • ceph-volume/batch: return success when all devices are filtered (pr#34476, Jan Fajerski)
  • ceph-volume/lvm/ clarify error message: fsid refers to osd_fsid (pr#32865, Yaniv Kaul)
  • ceph-volume/test: patch VolumeGroups (pr#32559, Jan Fajerski)
  • ceph-volume: Dereference symlink in lvm list (pr#32876, Benoît Knecht)
  • ceph-volume: add db and wal support to raw mode (pr#33622, Sébastien Han)
  • ceph-volume: add methods to pass filters to pvs, vgs and lvs commands (pr#33215, Rishabh Dave)
  • ceph-volume: add proper size attribute to partitions (pr#32529, Jan Fajerski)
  • ceph-volume: add raw mode (pr#33580, Jan Fajerski, Sage Weil, Guillaume Abrioux)
  • ceph-volume: add sizing arguments to prepare (pr#33578, Jan Fajerski)
  • ceph-volume: add utility functions (pr#32544, Mohamad Gebai)
  • ceph-volume: allow raw block devices everywhere (pr#32869, Jan Fajerski)
  • ceph-volume: allow to skip restorecon calls (pr#32530, Alfredo Deza)
  • ceph-volume: avoid calling zap_lv with a LV-less VG (pr#33610, Jan Fajerski)
  • ceph-volume: batch bluestore fix create_lvs call (pr#33579, Jan Fajerski)
  • ceph-volume: batch bluestore fix create_lvs call (pr#33623, Jan Fajerski)
  • ceph-volume: check if we run in an selinux environment (pr#32866, Jan Fajerski)
  • ceph-volume: check if we run in an selinux environment, now also in py2 (pr#32867, Jan Fajerski)
  • ceph-volume: devices/simple/scan: Fix string in log statement (pr#34444, Jan Fajerski)
  • ceph-volume: don’t create osd[‘block.db’] by default (pr#33626, Jan Fajerski)
  • ceph-volume: don’t remove vg twice when zapping filestore (pr#33615, Jan Fajerski)
  • ceph-volume: finer grained availability notion in inventory (pr#33606, Jan Fajerski)
  • ceph-volume: fix is_ceph_device for lvm batch (pr#33608, Jan Fajerski, Dimitri Savineau)
  • ceph-volume: fix the integer overflow (pr#32872, dongdong tao)
  • ceph-volume: import mock.mock instead of unittest.mock (py2) (pr#32871, Jan Fajerski)
  • ceph-volume: lvm deactivate command (pr#33208, Jan Fajerski)
  • ceph-volume: lvm/deactivate: add unit tests, remove –all (pr#32862, Jan Fajerski)
  • ceph-volume: lvm: get_device_vgs() filter by provided prefix (pr#33617, Jan Fajerski, Yehuda Sadeh)
  • ceph-volume: make get_devices fs location independent (pr#33124, Jan Fajerski)
  • ceph-volume: minor clean-up of “simple scan” subcommand help (pr#32557, Michael Fritch)
  • ceph-volume: mokeypatch calls to lvm related binaries (pr#31406, Jan Fajerski)
  • ceph-volume: pass journal_size as Size not string (pr#33611, Jan Fajerski)
  • ceph-volume: rearrange api/ (pr#31407, Rishabh Dave)
  • ceph-volume: refactor + fixes (pr#33603, Jan Fajerski, Rishabh Dave, Theofilos Mouratidis, Guillaume Abrioux)
  • ceph-volume: reject disks smaller then 5GB in inventory (issue#40776, pr#32528, Jan Fajerski)
  • ceph-volume: silence ‘ceph-bluestore-tool’ failures (pr#33605, Sébastien Han)
  • ceph-volume: skip missing interpreters when running tox tests (pr#33489, Andrew Schoen)
  • ceph-volume: skip osd creation when already done (pr#33607, Guillaume Abrioux)
  • ceph-volume: strip _dmcrypt suffix in simple scan json output (pr#33618, Jan Fajerski)
  • ceph-volume: use correct extents if using db-devices and >1 osds_per_device (pr#32875, Fabian Niepelt)
  • ceph-volume: use fsync for dd command (pr#31552, Rishabh Dave)
  • ceph-volume: use get_device_vgs in has_common_vg (pr#33609, Jan Fajerski)
  • ceph-volume: util: look for executable in $PATH (pr#32861, Shyukri Shyukriev)
  • cephfs: cephfs: osdc/objecter: Fix last_sent in scientific format and add age to ops (pr#31384, Varsha Rao)
  • cephfs: cephfs: test_volume_client: declare only one default for python version (issue#40460, pr#30110, Rishabh Dave)
  • cephfs: client: more precise CEPH_CLIENT_CAPS_PENDING_CAPSNAP (pr#31283, “Yan, Zheng”)
  • cephfs: client: remove Inode.dir_contacts field and handle bad whence value to llseek gracefully (pr#31380, Jeff Layton)
  • cephfs: mds: avoid calling clientreplay_done() prematurely (pr#31282, “Yan, Zheng”)
  • cephfs: mds: fix assert(omap_num_objs <= MAX_OBJECTS) of OpenFileTable (pr#32757, “Yan, Zheng”)
  • cephfs: mds: fix infinite loop in Locker::file_update_finish (pr#31284, “Yan, Zheng”)
  • cephfs: mds: mds returns -5(EIO) error when the deleted file does not exist (pr#31381, huanwen ren)
  • cephfs: mds: split the dir if the op makes it oversized, because some ops maybe in flight (pr#31379, simon gao)
  • cephfs: tools/cephfs: make ‘cephfs-data-scan scan_links’ reconstruct snaptable (pr#31281, “Yan, Zheng”)
  • common/config: parse –log-early option (pr#33130, Sage Weil)
  • common: common/admin_socket: Increase socket timeouts (pr#33323, Brad Hubbard)
  • common: common/config: update values when they are removed via mon (pr#33327, Sage Weil)
  • common: common/util: use ifstream to read from /proc files (pr#32902, Kefu Chai, songweibin)
  • core,mgr,tests: mgr: Release GIL and Balancer fixes (pr#31957, Neha Ojha, Kefu Chai, Noah Watkins, David Zafman)
  • core,mgr: mgr/prometheus: assign a value to osd_dev_node when obj_store is not filestore or bluestore (pr#31557, jiahuizeng)
  • core,tests: qa/tasks/cbt: install python3 deps (pr#34193, Sage Weil)
  • core: mon/OSDMonitor: fix format error ceph osd stat –format json (pr#33322, Zheng Yin)
  • core: mon: Don’t put session during feature change (pr#33154, Brad Hubbard)
  • core: osd/ don’t let num_objects become negative (pr#33331, Neha Ojha)
  • core: osd/ skip peer_purged when discovering all missing (pr#33329, Neha Ojha)
  • core: osd/PeeringState.h: ignore MLogRec in Peering/GetInfo (pr#33594, Neha Ojha)
  • core: osd/PeeringState: do not exclude up from acting_recovery_backfill (pr#33324, Nathan Cutler, xie xingguo)
  • core: osd: Allow 64-char hostname to be added as the “host” in CRUSH (pr#33145, Michal Skalski)
  • core: osd: Diagnostic logging for upmap cleaning (pr#32717, David Zafman)
  • core: osd: backfill_toofull seen on cluster where the most full OSD is at 1% (pr#32361, David Zafman)
  • core: osd: set collection pool opts on collection create, pg load (pr#32125, Sage Weil)
  • core: selinux: Allow ceph to read udev db (pr#32258, Boris Ranto)
  • core: selinux: Allow ceph-mgr access to httpd dir (pr#34458, Brad Hubbard)
  • doc/_templates/page.html: redirect to etherpad (pr#32249, Neha Ojha)
  • doc/cephfs/client-auth: description and example are inconsistent (pr#32782, Ilya Dryomov)
  • doc: remove invalid option mon_pg_warn_max_per_osd (pr#31875, zhang daolong)
  • doc: wrong datatype describing crush_rule (pr#32255, Kefu Chai)
  • mgr,pybind: mgr/prometheus: report per-pool pg states (pr#33158, Aleksei Zakharov)
  • mgr,pybind: mgr/telemetry: check get_metadata return val (pr#33096, Yaarit Hatuka)
  • mount.ceph: give a hint message when no mds is up or cluster is laggy (pr#32911, Xiubo Li)
  • pybind: pybind/mgr: Cancel output color control (pr#31805, Zheng Yin)
  • qa: get rid of iterkeys for py3 compatibility (pr#33999, Kyr Shatskyy)
  • rbd: creating thick-provision image progress percent info exceeds 100% (pr#33318, Xiangdong Mu)
  • rbd: librbd: diff iterate with fast-diff now correctly includes parent (pr#32470, Jason Dillaman)
  • rbd: librbd: don’t call refresh from mirror::GetInfoRequest state machine (pr#32952, Mykola Golub)
  • rbd: librbd: fix rbd_open_by_id, rbd_open_by_id_read_only (pr#33315, yangjun)
  • rbd: nautilus: rbd-mirror: fix ‘rbd mirror status’ asok command output (pr#32714, Mykola Golub)
  • rbd: rbd-mirror: clone v2 mirroring improvements (pr#31520, Mykola Golub)
  • rbd: rbd-mirror: improve detection of blacklisted state (pr#33598, Mykola Golub)
  • rbd: rbd-mirror: make logrotate work (pr#32598, Mykola Golub)
  • rgw: add bucket permission verify when copy obj (pr#31377, NancySu05)
  • rgw: add list user admin OP API (pr#31754, Oshyn Song)
  • rgw: add missing admin property when sync user info (pr#30804, zhang Shaowen)
  • rgw: add num_shards to radosgw-admin bucket stats (pr#31183, Paul Emmerich)
  • rgw: adding mfa code validation when bucket versioning status is changed (pr#33303, Pritha Srivastava)
  • rgw: allow reshard log entries for non-existent buckets to be cancelled (pr#33302, J. Eric Ivancich)
  • rgw: auto-clean reshard queue entries for non-existent buckets (pr#33300, J. Eric Ivancich)
  • rgw: change the “rgw admin status” ‘num_shards’ output to signed int (issue#37645, pr#33305, Mark Kogan)
  • rgw: crypt: permit RGW-AUTO/default with SSE-S3 headers (pr#31861, Matt Benjamin)
  • rgw: find oldest period and update RGWMetadataLogHistory() (pr#33309, Shilpa Jagannath)
  • rgw: fix a bug that bucket instance obj can’t be removed after resharding completed (pr#33306, zhang Shaowen)
  • rgw: fix bad user stats on versioned bucket after reshard (pr#33304, J. Eric Ivancich)
  • rgw: fix memory growth while deleting objects with (pr#31378, Mark Kogan)
  • rgw: get barbican secret key request maybe return error code (pr#33966, Richard Bai(白学余))
  • rgw: make max_connections configurable in beast (pr#33341, Tiago Pasqualini)
  • rgw: making implicit_tenants backwards compatible (issue#24348, pr#33748, Marcus Watts)
  • rgw: maybe coredump when reload operator happened (pr#33313, Richard Bai(白学余))
  • rgw: move forward marker even in case of many rgw.none indexes (pr#33311, Ilsoo Byun)
  • rgw: prevent bucket reshard scheduling if bucket is resharding (pr#31299, J. Eric Ivancich)
  • rgw: update the hash source for multipart entries during resharding (pr#33312, dongdong tao)