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April 24, 2018

v12.2.5 Luminous released

This is the fifth bugfix release of Luminous v12.2.x long term stable
release series. This release contains a range of bug fixes across all
compoenents of Ceph. We recommend all the users of 12.2.x series to

Notable Changes

  • MGR

    The ceph-rest-api command-line tool included in the ceph-mon
    package has been obsoleted by the MGR “restful” module. The
    ceph-rest-api tool is hereby declared deprecated and will be dropped
    in Mimic.

    The MGR “restful” module provides similar functionality via a “pass through”
    method. See for details.

  • CephFS

    Upgrading an MDS cluster to 12.2.3+ will result in all active MDS
    exiting due to feature incompatibilities once an upgraded MDS comes
    online (even as standby). Operators may ignore the error messages
    and continue upgrading/restarting or follow this upgrade sequence:

    Reduce the number of ranks to 1 (ceph fs set <fs_name> max_mds 1),
    wait for all other MDS to deactivate, leaving the one active MDS,
    upgrade the single active MDS, then upgrade/start standbys. Finally,
    restore the previous max_mds.

    See also:

Other Notable Changes