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March 25, 2013

v0.56.4 released

There have been several important fixes that we’ve backported to bobtail that users are hitting in the wild.  Most notably, there was a problem with pool names with – and _ that OpenStack users were hitting, and memory usage by ceph-osd and other daemons due to the trimming of in-memory logs.  This and more is fixed in v0.56.4.  We recommend that all bobtail users upgrade.

Notable changes include:

  • mon: fix bug in bringup with IPv6
  • reduce default memory utilization by internal logging (all daemons)
  • rgw: fix for bucket removal
  • rgw: reopen logs after log rotation
  • rgw: fix multipat upload listing
  • rgw: don’t copy object when copied onto self
  • osd: fix caps parsing for pools with – or _
  • osd: allow pg log trimming when degraded, scrubbing, recoverying (reducing memory consumption)
  • osd: fix potential deadlock when ‘journal aio = true’
  • osd: various fixes for collection creation/removal, rename, temp collections
  • osd: various fixes for PG split
  • osd: deep-scrub omap key/value data
  • osd: fix rare bug in journal replay
  • osd: misc fixes for snapshot tracking
  • osd: fix leak in recovery reservations on pool deletion
  • osd: fix bug in connection management
  • osd: fix for op ordering when rebalancing
  • ceph-fuse: report file system size with correct units
  • mds: get and set directory layout policies via virtual xattrs
  • mkcephfs, init-ceph: close potential security issues with predictable filenames


  • There is one minor change (fix) in the output to the ‘ceph osd tree –format=json’ command.
  • The MDS disk format has changed from prior releases *and* from v0.57. In particular, upgrades to v0.56.4 are safe, but you cannot move from v0.56.4 to v0.57 if you are using the MDS for CephFS; you must upgrade directly to v0.58 (or later) instead.

Please see the full release notes.

You can get v0.56.4 from the usual locations: