Red Hat's Ceph team is moving to IBM


Today IBM and Red Hat announced some big news related to Ceph: the Ceph storage team at Red Hat is moving to IBM. This is a joint IBM/Red Hat decision, and represents a large investment in the continued growth and health of Ceph and its community.

This is great news for upstream Ceph! Our project’s governance model and operation stays the same. Ceph continues to be 100% open-source, and IBM will continue to contribute with an upstream-first approach.

IBM recognizes the success of Ceph is due to its vibrant community and shares our vision of a broad, collaborative open source project. IBM will assume Red Hat’s sponsorship of the Ceph Foundation and help support Ceph’s upstream test lab.

We are incredibly excited about this new milestone for Ceph, and look forward to this new chapter. Ceph has come a long way from Sage Weil’s PhD project. Ceph is used in thousands of production clusters totalling several exabytes of data today, and is the leading open source software-defined storage solution. Since 2004, the Ceph project has envisioned transforming the storage industry to rely on fully open source software, and this is a great endorsement and realization of this transformation.

We are very thankful to everyone who has contributed to Ceph’s success over the years. Our commitment to developing robust, scalable, open storage platforms continues, and we look forward to the future of storage, with a renewed interest in large-scale bare metal clusters. Together, let’s keep pushing the boundaries of storage!

Ceph Executive Council

Neha Ojha, Josh Durgin, Dan van der Ster