Ceph Community Newsletter April 2022 Edition

Mike Perez (thingee)

New Cephalocon Portland 2022 Update

Cephalocon Portland 2022 has been rescheduled to July 11-13th. The schedule is now available, and the sponsorship prospectus is available.

Scholarship Fund

The Ceph Foundation also has a scholarship fund intended to enable open source developers and community members to attend when they would otherwise be unable due to a lack of funding. We place an emphasis on funding applicants who are from historically underrepresented or untapped groups and/or those of lower socioeconomic status. If you work for a company that has the ability to fund your travel, we ask that you not apply, to save funds for those that need it. The application deadline is May 20.

Google Summer of Code

Are you a developer that is interested in contributing to open-source? The Google Summer of Code gives people the opportunity to contribute to projects such as Ceph with a 12+ week program under the guidance of a mentor.

As of April 4th, contributor proposals are being accepted until April 19th at 11:00 AM PT.

Ready to contribute? Register for GSoC and look at our available projects and contact the mentor(s) listed.

Ceph Developer Summit - Reef

Due to Cephalocon being postponed earlier, the Ceph Leadership Team has decided on having a virtual summit on April 12-22.

We will continue discussions from the virtual summit at Cephlaocon's in-person summit on July 11th.

You can add topics for each project-specific page listed in the etherpad. We will have more announcements on the schedule as things progress.

Welcoming New Foundation Members

We are pleased to welcome two new Ceph Foundation members: Arvan Cloud and Seagate!

Under the Linux Foundation, the Ceph Foundation is a collection of members invested in the development and progression of Ceph. The Ceph Foundation members collaborate and pool resources to support the Ceph community and propel innovation. Through combining industry leaders and associated parties, the Ceph Foundation represents responsible and beneficial support, independent of the technical direction of Ceph.

If you're interested in joining the Ceph Foundation, please contact foundation@ceph.io.

New Tentacle Award Members

The team recognizes the outstanding contributions of some former and present members of the Ceph Community with the Tentacle Award.

Sage Weil Founder/Architect

Sage Weil with the Tentacle Award

Sebastian Wagner Orchestrator Lead

Sebastian Wager with the Tentacle

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Ceph Jobs

April 6, 2022Hitachi VantaraSenior Software Engineer
April 6, 2022Hitachi VantaraSenior System Engineer
Mar 23, 2022GoDaddyCeph Engineer - Global Storage Engineering Team
Mar 18, 2022CanonicalSenior Software Engineer - Linux Engineering
Mar 18, 2022CanonicalSoftware Engineer, Ceph & Distributed Storage
Mar 10, 2022NVIDIASoftware Engineer, Software-Defined Storage Cloud Infrastructure (PL/HU/CZ)
Mar 10, 2022NVIDIASoftware Engineer, Software-Defined Storage Cloud Infrastructure (US/CAN/UK/EU)
Feb 24, 2022SoftIronSenior SMB Protocol Engineer
Feb 24, 2022SoftIronSenior Software Engineer
Feb 24, 2022SoftIronSolutions Architect (Germany - Remote)
Feb 24, 2022SoftIronSoftware Engineer, C++/Boost and Software Defined Storage
Feb 24, 2022SoftIronSoftware Engineer, SONiC and Software Defined Networking
Feb 24, 2022SoftIronSystems Engineer (Singapore)
Feb 22, 2022SUSESoftware Engineer - Software Defined Storage
Feb 22, 2022SUSESoftware Engineer, C++/Boost and Software Defined Storage
Feb 22, 2022BloombergSenior Software Engineer - Storage Engineering
Feb 22, 2022clysoLinux Open Source Developer (m/f/d) – Cloud Infrastructure
Feb 22, 2022croitSenior C++ Ceph Developer m/f/d
Feb 11, 2022ScalewayFreelance Golang backend developer with Ceph experience
Oct 26, 2021BloombergSenior Software Engineer - Storage Engineer
Aug 30, 2021SafespringCeph Engineer - Infrastructure Team