Welcoming Ernesto Puerta as the new Ceph Dashboard Component Lead


In early 2018, the team working on the openATTIC project at SUSE approached the Ceph community with a proposal to turn the first incarnation of the (back then read-only) Ceph Mgr Dashboard that was initially created by John Spray and others into a built-in application that could be used for both managing and monitoring all aspects of Ceph.

The rest is history -- over the course of the last three major Ceph releases, Ceph Dashboard has evolved into becoming a versatile and feature-rich application that helps Ceph administrators to spend less time on the command line when managing their Ceph clusters.

It has been an honor and great pleasure for me to support and represent the project as the component lead in the Ceph leadership team and the community.

Spreading the gospel and sharing the news about the latest developments in this project has always been a very rewarding experience for me. I am very proud about what we have achieved so far. And we're not done yet!

But for me, it's time to say "Farewell!" here: I have decided to pursue a new career opportunity, and have stepped down from the component lead role by the end of this month.

Going forward, the Ceph Dashboard component will be led and represented by Ernesto Puerta, who has been a key contributor and supporter of this project since it's early stages. He has already taken over running the team's rituals like the daily standup and other meetings this week and I am happy to see that the team is very supportive of him as and his plans.

Please join me in wishing him much success in this role! Thanks a lot for stepping up to this challenge, Ernesto - you will do great!