Ceph Community Newsletter, September 2020 Edition



Ceph Octopus Release Shirt Update

By now, the Ceph Octopus release contributors should have received an email to request a free shirt; if you did not receive an email, contact FOUNDATION AT CEPH dot IO.

Due to individual countries' COVID-19 custom restrictions, we are unable to ship shirts to the following countries:


We are currently looking into a local vendor in India.

We are also in the process of setting a Ceph store for people to purchase this shirt or previous Ceph release shirts.

Ceph User Survey 2020 Planning

Anantha Adiga has just announced the start of the Ceph User Survey 2020 planning. Two goals: create a special interest group to annually plan for the next user survey, and improve the questions of the user survey to get the best data with the participation time. You can review the 2019 and 2018 survey results for reference.

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