New Ceph Foundation Members: 2019-December


Just over a year ago, the Ceph Foundation was announced with 31 founding organizations to continue the mission of creating an open, collaborative, and neutral home for project stakeholders to coordinate development and community investments in the Ceph ecosystem.

Today we’re excited to announce our newest members Cloudbase Solutions and VEXXHOST.

Cloudbase Solutions is committed to cloud computing, open source and interoperability. We brought OpenStack on Windows Server and Hyper-V, contribute to Open vSwitch and Kubernetes and maintain Cloudbase-Init. We also released Coriolis for migrating VMs across any cloud. We are now glad to be part of the Ceph community as well, looking forward to contribute to this great open source storage solution and increase its reach across multiple operating systems“

VEXXHOST is a cloud computing provider with open-source being at the core of all our offerings. From Kubernetes enablement to an OpenStack powered private and public clouds, we’re proud to not only be avid users of open-source technology but also upstream contributors and sponsors to many projects. With years of collaborating and growing with those communities, we are proud to offer our expertise to help users build and optimize cloud infrastructure to allow them to focus on their core competencies. We are thrilled to be joining the Ceph Foundation and look forward to an innovatik

The Ceph Foundation is organized as a directed fund under the Linux Foundation. Premier and General Member organizations contribute a yearly fee to become members. Associate members are educational institutions or government organizations and are invited to join at no cost.

The Governing Board consists of all Premier members, a representative for the General members, a representative for the Associate members, and a representative from the Ceph Leadership Team (the technical governance body).

If you're interested in learning more about the Foundation or you're considering your organization in joining, please visit the Foundation page: