Ceph Community Newsletter, March 2019 edition



Nautilus stable release is out!

March 19 we announced the new release of Ceph Nautilus! Take a look at our blog post that captures the major features and upgrade notes.

Cephalocon Barcelona May 19-20: Registration and Sponsor slots still available!

We're very excited for the upcoming Cephalocon in Barcelona! We have a convenient blog post that tells you everything you need to know about the upcoming event. See our great lineup with the posted schedule. Registration is still available and we still have some sponsorship slots left.

New Ceph Docubetter Meeting Time / Season of Docs

The Ceph Docubetter Weekly meeting will now meet on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. We're going to begin discussions in our April 10th meeting on our participation with Season of Docs. Read full post

Project updates


In the last two months, the team working on the Dashboard was working hard on getting the remaining key features into the Nautilus release. In addition to countless bug fixes, cleanups and improvements of our QA tests, some user-visible features include the following ones:

The community of translators was also very busy: Indonesian, Polish and Czech have been added and are (almost) complete! If you would help us with completing the existing translations or adding new ones, please see https://www.transifex.com/ceph/ceph-dashboard/dashboard/ and get in touch with us if you need any guidance or help.

Thanks a lot to everyone who helped with the translations, particularly Kefu Chai (zh_CN), Danni Setiawan (id_ID), Jarosław Owsiewski and Elzbieta Dziomdziora (pl_PL) and Pavel Borecki (cs)!

New features currently under review:

We're also taking part in Outreachy) and have merged a first patch from an applicant: Tina Kallio contributed a fixed for the documentation links on the RGW page (thank you!)


  • Ansible orchestrator now supports creating and removing OSDs

  • We've merged an initial SSH orchestrator that doesn't use any external orchestrator

  • The Rook orchestrator now deploys NFS ganesha

  • Blinking of HDD LEDs in DeepSea is now merged.

  • `ceph fs volume` now makes use of the orchestrator framework

  • The orchestrator now has a dedicated channel on OFTC: #ceph-orchestrators


Ceph Planet

Project meetings

Ceph Developers Monthly

Ceph Performance Weekly

Ceph DocuBetter

We're behind on uploading these. View the full playlist for now and watch @Ceph on twitter for updates.

Ceph Testing Weekly

Recent events


We shared a booth with our Gluster friends. Thanks to FOSDEM for having us and for providing recordings from the Software Defined Storage room!

  • Sage Weil gave a project update with what's new in Nautilus. - video
  • Ricardo Dias: Ceph wire protocol revisited - Messenger V2 - video
  • Joao Eduardo Luis: Leveraging ceph-mgr modules for fun and profit - video
  • Alexander Trost : Ceph storage with Rook Running Ceph on Kubernetes - video
  • Lenz Grimmer: Managing and Monitoring Ceph with the Ceph Dashboard - video
  • Abhishek Lekshmanan: Exporting Ceph Object Storage data to the outside world - video


The Ceph Foundation was present at SUSECON 2019 in Nashville, TN. We had a booth provided by the wonderful people at SUSE. We got to meet lots of Ceph fans, Dolly Parton, and dance like a chameleon. Lenz Grimmer presented some live demos showing off the new dashboard in Nautilus!

Upcoming conferences

Please coordinate your Ceph CFP's with the community on our CFP coordination pad.