Ceph Community Newsletter, April 2019 edition



Nautilus Shirts are now available:

March 19 we announced the new release of Ceph Nautilus! Take a look at our blog post that captures the major features and upgrade notes. Watch the talk from Sage Weil, co-creator and project leader, on the state of the cephalopod. We're now pleased to announce the availability of official Ceph Nautilus shirts on the Ceph store!

Cephalocon Videos Now Available

Thank you to our sponsors, speakers and the Linux Foundation for making this event possible. Videos from the event are now available!

Ceph Docubetter Meeting

The Ceph Docubetter Weekly meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. The meeting aims to bring focus around improvement of Ceph documentation and the tools that generate them. Our next meeting will be on June 12 at 16:30 UTC. Come join us!

Project updates


  • Improvements to scrub auto repair - enables automatic PG repairs when errors are found in scrub or deep-scrub, also works for replicated pools now. https://github.com/ceph/ceph/pull/26942

  • ok-to-stop (add-offline,rm) commands added for mons

  • Ability to set no{out,in,up,down} on crush nodes, not just OSDs or cluster-wide

  • Removed SimpleMessenger (for octopus)

  • Cleanup of pre-nautilus internal authentication APIs

  • Telemetry fixes and improvements (backported to nautilus)

  • PG autoscaling fixes (backported to nautilus)

  • Default erasure code profile is now k=2 m=2 (instead of k=2 m=1)

  • new log_to_file (true/false) option to enable/disable file logging without changing path


  • Online resparsify of images

  • improved in-memory cache

  • optionally move clone parent images to trash on removal of last clone

  • kernel rbd: keep flatten




  • Looked into CI enhancements

  • Deepsea orchestrator will add support to manage NFS and iSCSI form the Dashboard.

  • Work on changing the log-in mechanism of the ansible-runner-service

  • the Rook orchestrator saw some bug fixes.


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Cephalocon Barcelona

Our recent big Ceph event! We enjoyed hearing user stories, presentations from members of the community. Watch over 70 videos now!

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