Ceph Community Newsletter, October 2018 edition


Hey Cephers! We are catching up on our Community newsletters. This edition covers content starting from end of July to October 2018. Enjoy!


Ceph Day Berlin

Our Ceph Day Berlin on November 12th is officially sold out! We have a great line up of talks and are looking forward to some productive discussions with the community! You can still register for our waitlist.

An Evening with Ceph and RDO at the OpenStack Summit in Berlin

The discussions of Ceph will continue in a nice evening event joining the RDO community! Register soon before space fills up and spread the word!

FOSDEM Software Defined Storage Dev room CFP Open

The FOSDEM Software Defined Storage devroom CFP is now open! Come propose topics on your work with Ceph on the various storage layers, dashboard, and monitoring tools. Deadline is November 25th.

Vault 2019 CFP is open

Vault 2019 will be happening on February 25-26 in Boston MA. The CFP is open and the deadline is on November 15.

New Ceph Docubetter Meeting

The Ceph Docubetter Weekly meeting has been added to Ceph community calendar for every Friday at 2000 UTC. The video recordings of the first meeting has  been uploaded to our channel on YouTube.

New Ceph Crimson/Seastor OSD Meeting

The Ceph Crimson/Seastor OSD meeting has been added to Ceph community calendar for every Wednesday at 5:00 UTC. The video recordings of the first meeting has  been uploaded to our channel on YouTube.

Project updates


  • ceph-bluestore-tool: ability to add/remove/resize db and wal for an existing bluestore osd

  • osd: pg merging has merged

  • osd, bluestore: new single osd_memory_target option to control osd memory consumption (obsoletes bluestore_cache_size)

  • mon: track hardware device health for mons, just like osds


  • Multi-filesystem selection support added to ceph-fuse client
  • MDS and OSDs now support dropping caches to support performance testing and
  • CephFS now supports client reclaim of prior sessions for reliable and correct NFS HA: http://docs.ceph.com/docs/master/dev/cephfs-
  • ceph-fuse client now indicates if it is blacklisted via a status query of its admin socket.


Since the last Ceph Newsletter was published, the team working on the Ceph Manager Dashboard added the following new features:

New features currently under review:

We're also taking part in Outreachy) and have merged a first patch from an applicant: Tina Kallio contributed a fixed for the documentation links on the RGW page (thank you!)


  • Rook container is now decoupled from the Ceph version, enabling arbitrary Ceph versions to be installed, and paving the way for orchestrated Ceph upgrades


Ceph Planet

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Ceph Code Walkthrough

Recent events

Ceph Day Silicon Valley

The Ceph Day at the University of Santa Clara's Silicon Valley campus happened September 19. All presentation slides can be found on the Ceph Day page.

Open Source Summit Europe

The Open Source Summit Europe conference happened in Edinburgh, Scotland and our fellow John Spray gave a short intro/current state presentation on Ceph and BoF.

Latinoware 2018

Alfredo Deza gave an introduction Ceph talk at Latinoware sharing how to deploy, configure, and differentiates Ceph with NAS and big storage servers.

Upcoming conferences