Ceph Community Newsletter, May 2018 edition


Hey Cephers! May 2018 was a very busy month for the project: the final development stages for Ceph Mimic release, the Ceph User Survey and several community events including KubeCon Europe in Copenhagen, Red Hat Summit in San Francisco, the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver and openSUSECon in Prague. Here's a summary of our activities and news. Enjoy!



Ceph community is joining forces with Gluster and other projects for a two-day event dedicated to Open Source Software-Defined Storage technologies! Mountpoint.io happens in Vancouver, BC on August 27th and 28th, before the Open Source Summit North America. The Call for Proposals is open until June 15th and the registration is in progress!

Ceph users Survey

The Ceph User Survey 2018 was open until May 26th and we were able to collect the feedback from almost 350 users. At the moment we are processing this valuable information and we will announce a full report with all results in our website within few days.

Ceph Code Walkthrough

The Code Walkthrough meeting has been added to Ceph public calendar to introduce the subsystems and explains how they work. Sage started talking about BlueStore on the first meeting and the video recording has been already uploaded to our channel on YouTube.

Project updates


  • Move to openssl (from libnss) reduces cost of message signature checks
  • Kicked off Nautilus development
  • Mon ranks (priority order for leader) can now be adjusted (Nautilus)


  • Faster radosgw-admin command startup
  • Improved multi-site sync status reporting
  • Improved debug log readability
  • New librgw_admin_user
  • AWS-compat improvements (InvalidRange)
  • Bugfixes


  • Gating of clients based on version/features.



  • When running Ceph in a Kubernetes environment, Rook is the recommended solution. Rook automates many of the details to help you get a storage cluster up and running.
  • John Spray also gave an update on the progress of creating an orchestrator interface that will make it possible to manage Ceph resources by the manager dashboard or the command line via Ceph-Ansible, DeepSea/Salt or Rook. See this screencast demo of a prototype based on Rook.


Ceph Planet

Project Meetings

The following virtual project meetings happened in May and the video recordings have been uploaded to Ceph YouTube channel.

Ceph Developers Monthly

Ceph Performance Weekly

Ceph Tech Talk

Ceph Code Walkthrough

Ceph User Group Meetups

See the list of Ceph User Groups for the future Meetups.

Ceph Meetup Berlin

Recent events

Kubecon Europe 2018

The KubeCon Europe 2018 happened in Copenhagen, DK from May 2-4. Several talks were given that will provide a great launch point to help you get going with the project, including "Rook Project Intro", "Rook Deep Dive" and "Kubernetes runs anywhere, but does your data?" presented by out Upbound fellows including Bassam Tabbara, Tony Allen & Jared Watts.

Red Hat Summit 2018

The Red Hat Summit 2018 happened on May 8-11 in San Francisco, US and we had several presentations including "Monitoring Red Hat Ceph Storage the easy way" presented by Paul Cuzner, "Optimize Ceph object storage for production in multisite clouds" by Michael Hackett, John Wilkins, "Scalable application platform on Ceph, OpenStack and Ansible", by Senthivelrajan Lakshmanan, Michael Pagan, Sacha Dubois, Alexander Brovman, Nikhil Shah and "Ceph BlueStore performance on latest Intel Server Platforms" by Orlando Moreno.

OpenStack Summit Vancouver

The OpenStack Summit Vancouver, happened on May 21-24 in Vancouver, CA. A full list of Ceph Community members attending the OpenStack Summit Vancouver as well the Ceph presentations can be found on the organization etherpad.

openSUSE Conference 2018

The openSUSE Conference 2018, happened on May 25-27 in Prague, CZ and we had several presentations about Ceph. A full list of Ceph Manager & Dashboard presentations at the openSUSE Conference is available here.

Upcoming conferences

If you plan to submit a Ceph-related presentation, check out this Etherpad, to ensure that nobody else has submitted a similar topic!





  • Ceph Day UC Santa Cruz, Sep 19 in Santa Cruz US (website to be announced soon)