Ceph Community Newsletter, June 2018 edition


Hey Cephers! June 2018 is about to end and here is a summary of activities and news for Ceph Project. Enjoy!


Mimic is out!

After 9 months of work the Engineering released Ceph Mimic (v13.2.x series) with lots of features and improvements. A full list of changes, as well the upgrading instructions and a detailed changelog are available on the release notes.


As we previously announced Ceph community is joining forces with Gluster and other projects for a two-day event dedicated to Open Source Software-Defined Storage technologies called Mountpoint, which happens in Vancouver, BC on August 27th and 28th. The call for proposals was closed on June 15th, the conference program has been announced (day 1 and day 2) and the registration is in progress!

Heads-up: Ceph Developers Monthly of July postponed!

Due the July 4th holiday in the United States the Ceph Developers Monthly meeting of July has been postponed to June 11th.

Bluestore Code Walkthrough

In May we started the Ceph Code Walkthrough series and Sage Weil presented the first part of about BlueStore. On June 26th Sage presented the second part and the video recording has been uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Ceph Testing Weekly

The Ceph Testing Weekly meeting has been added to Ceph community calendar and the video recordings of the first meetings have been uploaded to our channel on YouTube.

Project updates


  • New bitmap allocator for BlueStore improves performance and performance stability for flash devices
  • Initial infrastructure for tracking device health metrics is merged. This will allow Ceph to predict HDD/SSD failures before they happen.
  • Ceph-disk, deprecated in Mimic, has been removed.



  • [master] MDS adds a new command to dump an inode in cache with the inode number (PR #22569)
  • [master 13.2.1] cephx auth caps for CephFS clients may restrict ability to take snapshots. (PR #22560)
  • [in-progress] ceph_futimens support in libcephfs  (PR #22751)
  • [in-progress] Another pass at LAZYIO (suspended client cache coherency) support in CephFS  (PR #22450)
  • [in-progress] MDS drop_cache "ceph tell mds" command (to support performance evaluations) (PR #21566)


Major features merged into master recently:

  • Role based authentication/authorization system (PR #22283)
  • Add ability to list,set and unset cluster-wide OSD flags to the backend (PR #21998)
  • Config options integration (read-only) (PR #21460)
  • Update Angular to version 6  (PR #22082)
  • Listen on port 8443 by default and not 8080 (PR #22409)
  • Add scrub action to the OSDs table  (PR #22122)
  • Swagger-UI based Dashboard REST API page (PR #22282)
  • Add help menu entry  (PR #22303)

Work in progress / under review:

  • Add option to disable SSL (PR #22593)
  • Add UI for Cluster-wide OSD Flags configuration (PR #22461)
  • Add backend support for changing dashboard configuration settings via the REST API (PR #22457)
  • Pool management (PR #21614)
  • Ceph dashboard user management from the UI (PR #22758)


The 0.8 release is planned for next week including the following improvements to be merged this week:

  • "One OSD per pod" will run the OSDs independently for higher reliability
  • Improved security model with reduced privileges required by the Rook operator
  • Ceph pod names match more closely the daemon name to improve troubleshooting
  • OpenShift compatibility


Ceph Planet

Project meetings

Ceph Developers Monthly

Ceph Performance Weekly

Ceph Testing Weekly

Ceph Tech Talks

Ceph Code Walkthrough

Recent events

OpenInfra Days China

The OpenInfra Days China happened in Beijing on June 21-22 and our fellow Kefu Chai represented the Ceph Project at the conference presenting the talk "What's new on Ceph Mimic".

OpenInfra Days Korea

The OpenInfra Days Korea 2018 happened on June 28-29 in Seol, and we had two talks about Ceph including "CephFS with OpenStack Manila based on Bluestore and Erasure Code", presented by Yoo Jang-lin and "Ceph Storage, service/operation with PaaS" presented by Ha-Hyun.

Upcoming conferences




  • Ceph Day UC Santa Cruz, Sep 19 in Santa Cruz US (website to be announced soon)