Ceph Community Newsletter, April 2018 edition


Hey Cephers! March was a very busy month for Ceph Project that we are releasing the Newsletter on April. Besides all Mimic development tasks we had our first Cephalocon in Beijing and we have lots of cool things to share with our vibrant community on this newsletter. We hope you enjoy it!


Ceph user Survey

It's been 5 years since Ross Turk organized the Ceph Census and a lot of things changed since then. We created this survey to collect the feedback from our community and it will be accepting answers until May 15th, 2018. The results will be shared with the community on Ceph blog.

Changes on Bluejeans meetings and the new Ceph Calendar

Recently, some BlueJeans video conferencing sessions used for meetings expired and we had to create new ones for the team meetings. The new conference details are available on the meeting URLs below:

We also created a Ceph calendar for the project meetings. Feel free to import it to your calendar!

An Evening of Ceph and RDO - Get-Together at OpenStack Summit Vancouver

If you’re attending OpenStack Summit Vancouver, you won’t want to miss celebrating the recent releases of Mimic (Ceph) and Queens (RDO). Join us from 6-8pm on Wednesday night at The Portside Pub for free food & drinks and to get to know your fellow community members. For more information please check the event page.

Project updates

On April 18th Sage announced the Mimic freeze and the release is expected to the end of May. Bellow we have some highlights from the development on March and April:


  • Async recovery (PR #19811)
  • More precise degraded object counts (PR #19850)
  • Centralized config stored in monitors (PR #20172)
  • Beginnings of seastar-based OSD - interface between seastar/non-seastar threads (discussion)
  • Ceph-volume replaces ceph-disk for more reliability


  • Partial-order bucket listing
  • Async/parallel garbage collection
  • Metadata cache epoch


  • MDS now maintains a table of opened files to reduce load on the MDS journal and to speed up recovery. (PR #20132)


  • The dashboard development team can now be reached via the #ceph-dashboard IRC channel on OFTC.net. Come by if you have any questions or comments!
  • Lenz Grimmer presented the Dashboard at Cephalocon in Beijing - you can find the slide deck here, a recording of the presentation is now available on YouTube as well.
  • Work on the dashboard is making good progress after the initial merge. After some cleanups and build improvements, the team is now focusing on adding more management functionality. For details, see Lenz Grimmer's blog post.
  • Since this blog post, a number of additional features have been merged. Most noteworthy, you can now manage RBDs and get a more detailed insight into the Object Gateway's users and buckets. Check out the dashboard documentation for more details on the available features.


Ceph Planet

Project Meetings

The following project meetings happened on March and April, the video recordings have been uploaded to Ceph YouTube channel.

Recent events

Cephalocon APAC 2018

On March 22-23, 2018 the first Cephalocon in the world was successfully held in Beijing, China. During the two conference days over 1000 people including developers, users, companies, community members and other Ceph enthusiasts attended to the 52 keynotes and talks about Enterprise applications, Development, Operation and Maintenance practices. All session recordings have been uploaded to Ceph YouTube channel, the slides to Slideshare and a report is available here.

Ceph Meetup in Santiago de Compostela, ES

The Ceph Meetup in Santiago de Compostela, ES happened on April 4th at Amtega and it was organized by Javier Muñoz. Approximately 50 people attended to the event which had the main goal to discuss the technology and topics including Ceph adoption, hardware, use cases, features among others. Although the event had the Galician community in mind they had participants from northwest Spain (A Coruña, Lugo, Pontevedra and Ourense) and also from Belgium and Portugal.

Ceph Day London

On April 19th we joined our Apache CloudStack friends for the Ceph Day in London. The event was attended by approximately 120 people and we had 11 talks about Ceph presented by community contributors including Wido den Hollander (42on), John Spray (Red Hat), Lars Marowsky-Brée (SUSE), Kai Wagner (SUSE), Danny Al-Gaaf (Deutsche Telekom) and Nick Fisk (SysGroup PLC). Special thanks to Wido for organizing the event.

TEQnation in Jaarbeurs Utrecht, NL

Kai Wagner (SUSE) presented a talk about Ceph Management and Monitoring at TEQnation which happened from April 25th to 26th in in Jaarbeurs Utrecht, NL.

Upcoming conferences