Un-installing OpenStack RDO


Uninstalling OpenStack

RedHat Distribution of OpenStack ( RDO ) is one of the most popular openstack distribution for test, dev and production environments. Deploying OpenStack infrastructure using RDO is fairly easy.

However there is no automated uninstall process for RDO (or OpenStack in general).

With the help of this blog I will share my secret sauce that I personally use to uninstall / remove openstack from my development & test environments. This saves me from reinstalling the entire OS and over the OS configurations + it saves time.

Uninstalling RDO

  • Take necessary backup of your configuration files ( if you like )
  • Its advisable to re-read this script before execution ( no blame game )
  • Be extra cautious for production environments.

Get the script and make it executable

git clone https://gist.github.com/7a9f1f62c06318a17dad.git
cd 7a9f1f62c06318a17dad
chmod +x uninstall_rdo.sh

Link to script


  • Read the script; change it if you want to
  • Execute this script on all of your openstack nodes, whether its compute, controller or network node (one by one)
sh uninstall_rdo.sh
  • OpenStack RDO should have removed at this point and you are good to re-install it.

YAY…. That was easy ;-)