Ceph Loves Jumbo Frames


Ceph Loves Jumbo Frames Who doesn’t loves a high performing Ceph storage cluster. To get this you need to tame it , i mean not only Ceph tuning but also Network needs to be tuned. The quickest way to tune your network is to enable Jumbo Frames.

What are they :

  • They are ethernet frames with payload more than 1500 MTU
  • Can significantly improve network performance by making data transmission efficient.
  • Requires Gigabit ethernet
  • Most of the enterprise network device supports Jumbo Frames
  • Some people also call them ‘Giants’

Enabling Jumbo Frames

  • Make sure your switch port is configured to accept Jumbo frames
  • On server side , set your network interface MTU to 9000
# ifconfig eth0 mtu 9000
  • Make changes permanent by updating network interface file and restart network services
# echo "MTU 9000" >> /etc/sysconfig/network-script/ifcfg-eth0
  • Confirm if MTU is used between two specific devices
# ip route get {IP-address}

In my production Ceph cluster, i have seen improvements after enabling Jumbo Frames both on Ceph as well as on OpenStack nodes.