Support the Ada Initiative: half way there!


A few days ago I made a challenge to the open storage community to support the Ada Initiative's work to improve gender diversity in open source and open data communities, and offered to match contributions if we can reach $8192.  I'm pleased to say that the response so far has been great, and we're now over half way there!  I'd like to thank those who have contributed so far, including

Josef Bacik Dave McAllister Eric Sandeen Zulah and Carlos Geoff Arnold Andreas Dilger Tom Lyon Greg Farnum Travis Rhoden Garrett D'Amore Erin M. Evans Travis Rhoden zab Dan V cjs Peter Tribble Bryan Horstmann-Allen Patrick McGarry 7 anonymous donors

I'm quite pleased to see Linux, Lustre, GlusterFS, and OpenZFS / Illumos represented on this list! It's also great to see that this is an issue that the Illumos community has already identified and recently called out:


Increasing awareness of the issue and showing broad support for these campaigns is just as important as the money raised, so please contribute or help spread the word even if it is a token amount!

I would love to see some similar attention to this issue in the OpenStack Cinder and Swift communities. What do you think?

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