What a Year 1!


Back in January I posted about how Inktank’s momentum was accelerating. Well, to say this trend is continuing would be a gross understatement. The Inktank team continues to execute at a blinding pace and the world keeps on noticing. For example:

•    The Community and Marketing (we are hiring) teams killed it at the OpenStack Summit. There was so much positive reinforcement of our core message, that Ceph is the ideal storage for OpenStack implementations, during the Keynotes, on the event floor and in the blueprint sessions, that it motivated Barb Darrow to write an article for GigaOm that declared that Ceph is hot, hot, hot.

•    The Ceph Community continues to diversify and grow at a rapid pace. There are 55 new authors for the Ceph project since the company launch (40 from outside of Inktank). We have seen over 1300 commits in a single month!  Downloads and adoption continue to grow. We had our first virtual Ceph developer summit this month, we continue to offer Ceph educational webinars to support adoption, and if you follow us on Twitter  you can hear about our latest events including upcoming Ceph Days.

•    The Engineering and QA team (we are hiring) just pushed out our third stable release, Cuttlefish which has so many significant improvements and feature additions, including RHEL support, that the story was covered/picked up by everyone from the VARGuy to the WSJ Online. Our integrations with popular cloud platforms also continue to expand and mature.

•    The Sales and Business Development teams (we are also hiring) continue to add new direct customers and partners. The team signed 4 new deals just this week! The sales and partner funnels are enormous and we are excited about working with all of you.

•    Inktank raised a bit of money. To date, Inktank has raised just over $13 million dollars. As reported by socaltech.com, the entire amount has been invested as convertible debt. However, a large component of the raise is under NDA so we will not be releasing the names of all of our supporters at this time. The funds are being used to support our “give ‘er diesel daddy” strategy (I just made that up so it may not stick). (and yes we’re hiring)

The past several months have been filled with many events that  have felt like watershed moments. I personally am so proud of the team and the community and what we all together have been able to accomplish since the Inktank launch just over 1 year ago.

If you want to find out more please drop us a line or come by our booth at Citrix Synergy in Anaheim (May 22nd – 24th).

Did I mention we’re hiring? Here is the complete listing of the our open jobs. If none of the listings suit you drop us a line and tell us how you would like to contribute. We are open to ideas but unfortunately, we do not need a VP, Social Events and Weekend Raves (yet).

What a Year 1! Onward to an even more exciting Year 2!