Diffusing the Ink – September


If you have ventured out under the bright lights of a convention hall in recent months there is a good chance you have had a close encounter with one of the Inktankians spreading the Ceph gospel. From OSCON to a Ceph Day in NYC and Dreamcon to the largest Boston OpenStack meetup to date, we have been busy spreading the good word. The good news is that this trend seems to be continuing for the forseeable future.

I figured it might be helpful to give people a little warning as to where we will be so that they can have time to prepare zip ties and shackles in order to encourage a longer stay, or avoid us altogether. Read on for some of the events in our near future, and stop by to say hi if something happens to be geographically proximate to you.

Date (SEP)EventLocation
05What’s new in Ceph Dumpling?Webinar
10-12Intel Developer ForumSan Francisco, CA
12Ceph DaySanta Clara, CA
12NYLUGNew York, NY
16-18Linuxcon / CloudOpen / Xen User SummitNew Orleans, LA
16-19SDCSanta Clara, CA
30OpenStack on AlesBend, OR

Webinar: What’s new in Ceph Dumpling?

This one is easy! It’s tomorrow at 1:00p EDT and it’s online. So please click the link and enjoy a non-meatspace summary of the recent development efforts of the awesome Ceph development team (both Inktank and non).

We’ll be walking through some of the new features like:

  • Multi-site functionality
  • The management and monitoring API
  • A Xen Server integration update
  • Red Hat RDO integration

The webinar will also have a look at the upcoming roadmap and what you can expect in the near to middling future of Ceph development. It should be a great look at development efforts so don’t miss this one.

Intel Developer Forum

While we aren’t doing any big talks, you can stop by our booth on 10-12 September 2013 to hear about Ceph and ask us any questions that you may have. We’re always happy to talk shop so come try to stump us!

Ceph Day: Santa Clara

This event is part of our series of Ceph Days that we put on (with the generous help of some sponsors) to allow our community access to both the people building Ceph as well as people using it in a real world environment. The event in Santa Clara, CA will be held on 12 September 2013 at the Citrix Briefing Center.

At this event we will cover the full range of Ceph-related topics from the basics of Ceph to best practices from people using Ceph in production. You’ll hear from:

  • Dreamhost’s Dallas Kashuba
  • Canonical’s Kyle MacDonald
  • Apache CloudStack commiter David Nalley
  • Penguin Computing’s Travis Rhoden
  • Inktank CEO Bryan Bogensberger, VP Community Ross Turk, and performance guru Mark Nelson
  • and Ceph Creator Sage Weil discussing the future of Ceph in general as well as what’s in store for CephFS.

The Ceph Day events have had some really great discourse for both the novice and the Ceph power user. If you are able to attend we’d love to have you. If you are interested and would like to know more about potential government or academic discounts please contact our marketing team.


I will be speaking at the 12 September 2013 meeting of the New York Linux Users Group hosted at Google’s Chelsea Market Office. The talk will contain a brief overview of Ceph architecture for the uninitiated and then dig in to the current state of the community, the near-future roadmap, and available bite-sized projects for those who want to get involved (whether they are technical or not).

Of course the real discussion will likely happen afterward at McKenna’s Pub around 8p so if nothing else come enjoy a frosty adult beverage with your fellow enthusiasts.

Linuxcon / CloudOpen / Xen User Summit

Inktank is sponsoring and speaking at CloudOpen this year, as well as speaking at the attached Xen User Summit. Join us 16-18 September 2013 at the Hyatt New Orleans, LA for what is always a great event. “From OpenStack to KVM to Xen, Hadoop, Gluster and more” this conference has a ton of educational and collaborative opportunities.

Whether you would like to attend Sage’s geo-replication talk, my Xen User Summit talk, or just have an informal chat at the Inktank booth we’d love to see you!

Storage Developer Conference

Ceph creator Sage Weil will be talking at SDC on 16 September 2013 in Santa Clara. This talk will provide a brief overview of the Ceph architecture and then dive in to an examination of building geo-replication and disaster recovery features into Ceph.

While the first steps of geo-replication have been handled at the individual client level (RGW/RBD) there has been quite a bit of discussion on how to make a single Ceph cluster capable of spanning multiple data centers over the internet. This talk should be a great look at the challenges and the approach the Ceph development team is taking to solve them.

OpenStack on Ales

Inktank’s Ian Colle will be speaking at the OpenStack on Ales conference in Bend, OR on 30 September 2013. This talk will cover the full range of Ceph architectural details as well as an in-depth look at the OpenStack integration. If you are interested in object and block storage, especially as it relates to Cloud, this is the talk for you.

One of the great things about this conference is that you can enjoy some tasty brews and the comfy chairs at McMenamins while listening to the presentations. And, if nothing else, you can always watch it live via the web broadcast. Should be a blast.


Whew, that’s quite a September we have planned. If you have an event that you think Ceph would be a good fit for, or if you are giving your own talk that touches on Ceph please let the community team know about it! We’d love to promote your event, send you swag, or just show up with a cheering section if we can. See you out there.

scuttlemonkey out