Countdown to Ceph Day: NYC


The time is fast approaching when legacy storage, like all mothers, must say farewell to her children. To help facilitate that process Inktank is kicking off another Ceph day next week (Aug 1st) in New York, NY. This gathering is for everyone from the inquisitive and uninitiated to the experienced and opinionated. If you have any interest in Ceph we would love for you to join us for a full day of Inktank engineers, partners, and all manner of Ceph users talking about Ceph.

Attend Ceph Day NYC!


For this event we at Inktank tried to strike a good balance for anyone who might want to attend, while keeping it a very intimate event so everyone could get their hands on the people who make Ceph go. You can expect some “Sage advice” from the founder of Ceph, enterprise users displaying their experiences, and even a hands-on install-fest for anyone who wants to spin up a Ceph cluster on their laptop to take home and play with.

Guest speakers include:

Justin ErenkrantzBloomberg
David NalleyApache CloudStack
Jaime MelisC12G Labs / OpenNebula

And if that weren’t enough, at the end of the day all of our experts will assemble for an open Q&A followed by drinks and conversation. So, if you are within striking distance of New York we’d love for you to join us!

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