Ceph Developer Summit: Firefly


They say “time flies when you’re having fun,” and we have certainly been having fun. Another Ceph Developer Summit is fast approaching. If you didn’t see the announcement on the mailing list we are accepting community blueprints for ‘Firefly,’ the next major release of Ceph slated for release Feb 2014. We will be sticking with the format from last CDS with two half day sessions hosted in a virtual setting (although this time it looks like we have found something to replace Google Hangouts!). Below you will find the timeline for all summit activities:

13 OCTBlueprint submissions begin
20 NOVBlueprint submissions end
22 NOVSummit agenda announced
25 NOVCeph Developer Summit: Day 1
26 NOVCeph Developer Summit: Day 2
FEB 2014Firefly Release

If you are interested in submitting a blueprint, collaborating on an existing blueprint, or just attending to learn more about Ceph, read on!

Submit Blueprint

Planned Work

Community contribution has really been ramping up in recent history, so there are a number of initiatives underway from both Inktank and others. Some of the work slated to be delivered in Firefly includes the completion of erasure coding, tiering work, portability work (especially for *BSD and OS X), work for OpenStack Icehouse, and a bit more focus on CephFS (including MDS inline data support). There is a lot happening, and more submissions are coming in every day via the wiki and other avenues. If you have an idea that you wish to implement, or even if you just want to find someone that can help make your bright idea a reality…please put your submission up on the wiki so we can discuss it at CDS!

If you have an idea for implementation work in Firefly, even if you are going to build it entirely on your own, please submit a blueprint so we know what to expect. Having a clear picture of the runway, especially as it relates to what testing requirements might be needed, is a huge help to our reviewers. If you are looking to get involved and would like inspiration, feel free to check out the Ceph Tracker, contact our Community Team, or just stop by IRC for a chat, we’d love to have you!

The Summit

This summit will be run very similarly to the Emperor summit, in that it is both online and spread over two half days. However, given the difficulties including everyone via our Google Hangouts we have decided to experiment with “BigBlueButton,” a new (to us) platform for video, presentations, and chat. We’ll use Google Hangouts once again until our new video platform can be shored up a bit. The connection info will be disseminated as the event gets closer and will be available as a browser-based solution on ceph.com.

As before, the underlying purpose of the summit will be to discuss how features should be implemented (rather than which features should be implemented). Once blueprint submission closes, Sage will review all available documents and decide which are the most relevent features that need to be discussed. Simple stand-alone projects probably don’t need a discussion, but please still create the blueprint.

If you have questions, comments, or anything for the good of the cause, feel free to hit up our community team. Looking forward to your blueprints and your bright, smiling faces at the Developer Summit.

scuttlemonkey out