Our weekend at SCALE 10x


Ceph had its arms in a little bit of everything at SCALE 10x last weekend.
Between attending sessions, mingling at the OpenStack party, hanging out at the Ceph booth, hanging out at the OpenStack booth, and Sage’s presentation, we were busy!

One of our engineers, nicknamed TV, enjoyed the btrfs talk and made a note that the next version of Oracle’s Unbreakable Linux, which is coming out mid-February, will use btrfs by default. He also said the Canonical JuJu charm school talk was *packed* and people were spilling out the doors, it was so full. Good chance Juju could be become “a thing”.

And the best for last, Sage’s session on Sunday afternoon was full and finished with several questions from the crowd. In case you missed it, you can download the pdf here. An audio/visual recording of the SCALE 10x presentations will be posted soon.

Coming up next :

2/2/12 – The upcoming OpenStack Meetup in San Francisco will be hosted by DreamHost and facilitated by Piston Cloud.  The theme will be the Ceph storage project and how it’s currently being implemented in production. http://ceph.newdream.net/openstack