Ada Initiative Donation Results


Last month, we sponsored the Ada Initiative as a Bronze level sponsor. Ada is an organization that encourages and supports women to join the open technology and culture which is typically dominated by men. It’s not just about balancing out the demographic. Having more women in technology opens up a vast new source for talent. As Sage said in a recent interview for Ada, “It’s hard to find people who are qualified for these jobs, and frustrating when half the human population is excluded and disadvantaged because of the nature of the community. We want to do whatever we can to set an example and change that perspective.”

As a Bronze level sponsor, Ceph contributed $7,000 to the Ada Initiative and in addition matched all donations contributed from Jan 17-19, which totaled $1,583. The combined contributions equaled $10,166. For more information about the Ada Initiative, please visit their site,

We hope these donations help to increase the number of women in the tech arena. That said, we’re actively searching for good talent for the Ceph project so as always we welcome men, women and “others” to apply for a job today!