Google Season of Docs 2021

Ceph’s application for Google Season of Docs 2021 was not accepted. Please check back for next year’s round.

Beginner's Guide to Ceph

Ceph’s documentation suite lacks a concise overview of Ceph. The beginner’s guide would remedy this lack. A successful beginner’s guide will introduce readers to Ceph, explain how to set up a basic three- or five-node cluster, describe the operations governing basic storage, retrieval, and maintenance, and provide the understanding necessary to pursue areas of interest in the Ceph documentation.

The qualified applicant will be endowed with good humor and wit sufficient to recognize the appeal of endeavoring to make documentation of data redundancy software fun, while nonetheless perceiving the hubris and absurdity of any initiative that aims to make documentation of data redundancy software fun.

Anyone willing to be candid about their ignorance of Ceph, to be explicit about the ways in which the existing Ceph documentation fails to supplement their ignorance, and to contend with a git-based workflow in the midst of a Linux-heavy development environment is encouraged to apply.

We are an international organization of software developers working on a distributed redundant storage platform. The members of our organization are unusually helpful and patient, and will provide an environment in which applicants can learn about software documentation in a low-stress, high-performance environment.  Successful applicants to Ceph’s 2021 Google Season of Docs project will have the opportunity to work on a substantial body of software and develop useful heuristics to explain it, the opportunity to get experience working with a standard-for-the-industry git-based development workflow, and the opportunity to develop problem-solving skills, patience, and resilience as they contend with the vicissitudes of git.

To contact the Ceph organization, send an email to This email address points to a list, not to an individual human being.

To ask direct questions and to have them answered by the human being designated to answer them, contact Zac Dover at