Kraken Featured Developer

Name: Haomai Wang
IRC haomaiwang
Github: yuyuyu101
Company XSKY
Location: Beijing, China


Haomai Wang is the technical leader of XSKY, based in Beijing, China. He join the Ceph community in 2013 while still in school. Since completing his bachelor program in 2014, he has been working on the Ceph project full-time. The majority of Haomai’s work in Kraken has been on the new infrastructure of AsyncMessenger and extending it into multiple back ends including dpdk and infiniband support. He has also worked on a few project on the performance optimization of the I/O path.

Current Ceph Use

XSKY currently is using Ceph in their storage product which provides user friendly management control and operations

Future Ceph Plans

Haomai and XSKY just want to continue to make Ceph better however they can!

Personal Info

On a more personal note, Haomai is a VIM fan and has used a Mac for years. Unfortunately the new Mac, without an escape key, has really made him hate Macs and he plans to switch to a new PC like a ChromeBook in the near future. His current working environment is Fedora in VirtualBox. Previous to Ceph, Haomai was interested in VirtualBox and has contributed code to this project as well.

Haomai also played Warcraft for many years from War3 to WoW, although starting a new company hasn’t allowed him time to play in almost two years. Now most of his spare time is spent on movies.