Ceph Day London

Bringing Ceph to London!

Come find out why leading enterprises are adopting Ceph, why Ceph is the lowest cost per gig storage solution, and how easy it is to deploy your own Ceph cluster!

This Ceph day is special as it's a co-operation between Ceph and the Apache CloudStack project! The day will be partially dual-tracked with interesting talks about using Ceph in combination with CloudStack, but also with talks which are specifically about one of the projects.

Event Description

A full-day event dedicated to sharing Ceph’s transformative power and fostering the vibrant Ceph community, Ceph Day London is hosted by the Ceph community, and our friends.

One of our friends this day is the Apache CloudStack project! Ceph and CloudStack is a golden combination as it combines the power of Ceph and the flexibility and simplicity of CloudStack to build a truly Open Source cloud.

Many users use Ceph and CloudStack in their cloud deployment and this day is a way to get both communities together.

The expert Ceph team, Ceph’s customers and partners, and the Ceph community join forces to discuss things like the status of the Ceph project, recent Ceph project improvements and roadmap, and Ceph community news. The day ends with a networking reception, to foster more Ceph learning.

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Event Details

Where: Senate House
When: October 24, 2019
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