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  • April 3, 2020
    Command and Control

    The Red Hat Ceph Storage 4 Dashboard changes the game with Paul Cuzner (Red Hat) Ease of use was a key development theme for Red Hat Ceph Storage 4. In our last post, we covered the role that the new install UI plays in enabling administrators to deploy Ceph Storage 4 in a simple and …Read more

  • April 3, 2020

    前言 最近做redmine的bug平台的分析,统计一些需要用到的数据,这里把相关调用的地方记录下来以备后用 相关的获取接口 #! /usr/bin/python # -*- coding:UTF-8 -*- from redminelib import Redmine redmine = Redmine(‘redmin的地址’,username=’用户名’,password=’密码’,requests={‘timeout’: 5 }) issues = redmine.issue.filter(project_id=’项目id’,status_id=’open’,offset=0,limit=100) # 遍历bug单 for issue in issues: #获取当前BUG编号 print #获取bug单标题 print issue.subject #获取bug单的提单人 print #获取issue创建时间 print issue.created_on #获取更新时间 print issue.updated_on #遍历追加评论(BUG流转过程) myissue=redmine.issue.get(, include=[‘children’, ‘journals’, ‘watchers’]) for journal in myissue.journals: #获取评论人 print #获取评论时间 …Read more

  • April 3, 2020

    前言 软件最终都会有交付的形式,有的是用tar包,有个是以目录,有的是封成一个文件包,从大多数使用场景来说,直接打包成软件包的方式是最简单,也是最不容易出错的,路径可以在包里面写死了 实践 关于打包的资料网上很多,而封包的方式也很多有spec文件方式,有fpm打包方式,本篇记录的是通过setup.py的方式打包的,因为最近出了小工具,所以进行了相关的尝试,这里记录一下 首先创建一个setup.py文件,写上一些基础内容 [root@test redmine]# cat # coding:utf-8 #from distutils.core import setup from setuptools import setup, find_packages setup( name=’issue-check’, version=’2020-0403-1419′, description=’This redmine issue-check’, author=’zphj1987′, author_email=’’, license=’MIT’, url=’’, py_modules=[‘issue-check’,’issue-check-pretty’], data_files=[(‘/opt/issue-check/’,[‘issue.conf.sample’]),(‘/opt/issue-check/’,[‘’])] ) 上面的就是把当前目录的issue-check.py和issue-check-pretty.py打包进rpm,把issue.conf.sample打包到/opt/issue-check/这个路径下面 通过data_files可以进行安装路径的控制,而上面的py_modules则不在这里进行控制了,需要增加一个配置文件setup.cfg [install] install-lib=/opt/issue-check 修改以后,安装路径就指定到/opt/issue-check下面了,如果不做控制,就会默认安装到python的执行目录里面去,上面的这些简单的控制以后就可以开始封包的命令了 python bdist_rpm 执行完了后在当前目录的dist目录下面就会生成相关的rpm包和源码的rpm包,这个实际上也是调用了spec,然后进行的相关打包工作,只是在这个之上再封装了一层 暂时未解决的问题 默认这样的打包方式会生成egg相关的文件,并且打包过程中会编译pyc,pyo等文件,暂时还没找到方法简单的去把这些文件给去掉,不过也不会太大的影响 总结 如果是做py的软件包,建议还是能够封包后再输出 变更记录 Why Who When 创建 武汉-运维-磨渣 2020-04-03 Source: zphj1987@gmail …Read more

  • April 1, 2020
    Command and control: The Red Hat Ceph Storage 4 Dashboard changes the game

    Ease of use was a key development theme for Red Hat Ceph Storage 4. In our last post, we covered the role that the new install UI plays in enabling administrators to deploy Ceph Storage 4 in a simple and guided manner, without prior Ceph expertise. Simplifying installation is only the first step—the second step …Read more

  • March 28, 2020
    Use ceph-fuse to mount CephFS

    The upstream documentation: * nautilus –* master – Steps to assert ceph-fuse is working First, deploy a cluster with at least one MDS running. Second, decide if you will run ceph-fuse as root or as a normal user and decide which machine will be the “client machine” (it must not be a part …Read more

  • March 28, 2020
    How to verify that an encrypted OSD is really encrypted?

    Source: Since decrypting the data on an encrypted OSD disk requires knowledge of the corresponding dm-crypt secret key, OSD encryption provides protection for cases when a disk drive that was used as an OSD is decommissioned, lost, or stolen. Scenario: You have deployed some OSDs that are supposedly encrypted, but don’t know how to …Read more

  • March 25, 2020
    Storage infrastructure for everyone: Lowering the bar to installing Ceph

    The last few years have seen Ceph continue to mature in stability, scalability and performance to become a leading open source storage platform. However, getting started with Ceph has typically required the administrator learning automation products like Ansible first. While learning Ansible brings its own rewards, wouldn’t it be great if you could simply skip …Read more

  • March 24, 2020

    通过dd来读取让硬盘灯闪来定位磁盘的位置 #!/bin/bash hd=$1 for num in {1..5};do dd if=”$hd” of=”/dev/null” bs=4M count=1000 iflag=direct conv=noerror >/dev/null 2>&1 sleep 1 done 写于: 2014年11月07日 更新于: 2015年03月24日 Source: zphj1987@gmail (让磁盘硬盘灯常闪定位盘)

  • March 10, 2020
    What's new in Red Hat Ceph Storage 4: A Beast of a front end, default support for BlueStore, and Cockpit installer support

    Today Red Hat announced Red Hat Ceph Storage 4, a major release that brings a number of improvements in scalability, monitoring, management, and security improvements. We also have designed Ceph Storage 4 to be easier to get started. Let’s tour some of its most interesting features. Read More

  • March 9, 2020
    What’s new between the Mass Open Cloud and Red Hat Ceph Storage?

    We at Red Hat are proud to have the opportunity to work with so many interesting and innovative organizations. One such group is the Mass Open Cloud (MOC), which is a non-profit initiative that includes universities, government organizations and businesses, and provides reliable and cost effective storage to support both its public and private clouds …Read more

  • February 13, 2020
    Scaling Ceph to a billion objects and beyond

    This is the sixth in Red Hat Ceph object storage performance series. In this post we will take a deep dive and learn how we scale tested Ceph with more than one billion objects, and share the performance secrets we discovered in the process. Read More

  • January 31, 2020
    Twenty Thousand Features under the Sea

    The Nautilus technology cornerstone to a roaring 2020 Red Hat Ceph Storage 4 brings the Nautilus codebase to our portfolio of marquee-name customers, and lays the foundation for our Ceph storage product portfolio for the rest of the year. 4.0 is integrated with OpenStack Platform 16 from the start, enabling customers to roll out the …Read more